PROGRESS in East Africa!


Gem Mining

East Africa has entered their winter season when there are heavy rains. Since the rains started late this year there was a great variety of gem rough available and dealers were anxious to show the fruits of their efforts! Roger is excited to get back to the studio and facet the Tsavorite Garnet, Kenyan Kiwi Garnet, Amethyst, Green and Pink Tourmaline, and Rhodolite Garnet we purchased!

During the rainy winter season it is difficult for mines to operate at full capacity, but this gave us more time to build relationship with the mine owners and miners. We heard stories of their greatest victories and their hardest defeats in their mining career, where they’re at today, and what they need for tomorrow to continue their progress.


Mining Communities

We visited the Baraka Mine, the oldest female owned mine in Kenya, owned by Gladwell. She shared that when the first big Tsavorite find came for the Baraka mine under her mom’s ownership, her mom felt so blessed she built a church on her property. Their commitment to caring for their workers is one of the reasons we have always supported Gladwell. Today one of the Baraka miners is the pastor to a congregation that draws from a 25 kilometer distance.


Gemological Training


Gem Faceting Training

We’re excited about the progress we’re seeing in East Africa and touched by the ever humbling fact that a little to us goes so very far in impacting their lives!