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Familiar and exotic gemstones alike go through an incredible journey before they find their forever homes in a favorite piece of jewelry.

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An exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable gem cutter, Roger approaches each stone as an individual piece of art.

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Roger and Ginger Dery have been sharing their love for color and precious gemstones with the world since 1981, nearly 40 years. Roger is an award-winning precision faceter and is passionate about holistic sourcing, education, and giving back to mining communities. Together, they believe in the power of sharing the story behind the gems and leaving a legacy at the source of every gemstone. Every gemstone is in Roger’s hands, from Discovery to Destination.

Gems with a Purpose

Roger’s focus is dedicated to East Africa, working with miners to secure singularly beautiful colored gems and holistically impact their communities. When Roger chooses to work with a mining area, he is making a long-term commitment to invest in the miners, their families, and their futures. He seeks to meet them where they are, often providing for basic needs: food, water, and cooking oil. His charitable efforts in East Africa are funded by our partner organization, Gem Legacy.

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By meeting the gemstone first in its original habitat, Roger has an understanding of the gem’s entire story and can execute his work in a way that displays the gem’s intrinsic beauty to its greatest potential while being faithful to the inherent characteristics of the gem. It is a curated journey from discovery to destination™.

Discovery to Destination™

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Explore our ever changing inventory of sapphires, garnets, tourmalines, iolites and dozens of other one-of-a-kind gemstones that never leave Roger’s hands from the discovery at the source to the destination – you! Each gem is holistically sourced™ and precision faceted to be treasured for generations to come.

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Giving Back

Learn about our ongoing campaign to empower mining communities by improving their local economies through responsible sourcing and gem cutter education programs.

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