The Journey to Exquisite Begins Deep In The Earth

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Familiar and exotic gemstones alike go through an incredible journey before they find their forever homes in a favorite piece of jewelry.

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An exceptionally experienced and knowledgeable gem cutter, Roger approaches each stone as an individual piece of art.

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“Roger and Ginger care so much about what they’re doing. They go to extraordinary lengths to make sure the gemstones are responsibly sourced. They’re warm, genuine people who never give you information unless they’re absolutely sure of it – and Roger is exceptionally knowledgeable. These are wonderful attributes to have when you’re searching for a significant stone.”

– June Stahl

See Where Beauty Is Born

Join us as we travel the world in search of the best rough gemstones. Guided small group adventures to Africa, Asia, and other select destinations provides a wholly unique perspective on colored gemstones. You’ll see the mines, meet the miners, and discover things about the world – and yourself – that you never knew before.

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Gem Events Near You

See the gems Roger cuts for yourself by attending a local Gem Event. Hosted by select fine jewelers, Gemstone Roundtables are fun, congenial evenings where you can see, touch, and maybe even fall in love with beautifully cut, intensely colored gemstones. We’re there to answer any questions you have about where the stones come from and what makes them special.

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Browse our ever changing inventory of sapphires, garnets, tourmalines, iolites and dozens of other cut gemstones. Many truly one-of-a-kind beauties are here.

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Giving Back

Learn about our ongoing campaign to empower mining communities by improving their local economies through responsible sourcing and gem cutter education programs.

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