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A Roger Dery gemstone is instantly recognizable because of its distinctive spectrum of brilliantly reflected light. With decades of experience, Roger is a world-renowned gem cutter. He is an award winning precision flat faceter who draws on a comprehensive knowledge of traditional gem cutting techniques, modern optics, and the inherent physical properties of each gem to create true works of art.


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Holistic Sourcing™

Roger has a unique approach to sourcing gems. He believes gems have a mission, so rather than relying on what the marketplace offers, Roger has made dozens of trips throughout Africa, South America, and Asia, traveling directly to the mines where rough gemstones are found. His focus is dedicated to East Africa, working with miners to secure singularly beautiful colored gems and holistically impact their communities.

When Roger chooses to work with a mining area, he is making a long-term commitment to invest in the miners, their families, and their futures. He seeks to meet them where they are, often providing for basic needs: food, water, and cooking oil. His charitable efforts in East Africa are funded by our partner organization, Gem Legacy.


Roger, Gem Curator™

My philosophy is that you can only work with what God gives you. When I approach a gemstone, I know I am simply a steward of the gemstones found in the earth. My hands simply build on the first work where heat, pressure, and natural minerals were forged in the crucible of creation. My job is the art of display: fashioning a frame to display an already perfect painting.

Ginger, Color Consultant

I have loved color since before I knew what it was and I think it is one of the greatest gifts of life. My passion is sharing the gift of color with everyone I meet. It brings out the best in our appearance and makes us come alive. As women especially, we love to be adorned. When we put adornment and color together, it’s a fusion that can embody who we are in a unique and beautiful way.

Rachel, Gem Storyteller™

Gems have a story to tell us, just like everything else in the nature that surrounds us. My passion is sharing the story of the mines, people, communities, and countries where gems are found. It’s a story worth sharing – and it’s a story worth knowing. Through gems, we can circumnavigate the world and discover how very big and beautiful it is, and broaden our scope far beyond our physical view.

Discovery to Destination™

For Roger Dery, a holistic approach to sourcing is an essential tenet of his business philosophy. Over the past 35 years, Roger has found that the fundamentals of responsible sourcing are not encountered in ethics, but in humans. Ethics is simply a system of moral values that a human or society adheres to, but gems have a far greater impact, affecting our whole life, livelihood, and future.

At every step of a gem’s passage, from discovery to destination, it is transferred by human hands and exchanged on an agreement of trust. Roger’s efforts in East Africa seek to holistically capitalize on the presence of gems to equip mining communities for generations to come. The power of a gemstone to change lives is exponential.



Roger is committed to using the power of gemstones to change lives and impact the world, starting with the men and women who unearth them. By working directly with miners, more gemstone profit remains in local communities, allowing families to invest in education, both elementary and vocational, to transform their futures. Roger has a special place in his heart for gemological and faceting education, supporting many schools and scholarships. Roger’s devotion to a holistic approach is charged by the belief that gems serve a greater purpose and must be wisely stewarded.



Gem Legacy, the 501(c)3 nonprofit philanthropic partner of Roger Dery Gem Design, was founded in 2018 based on the mission and goals Roger and his family have been dedicating themselves to for nearly 40 years. Gem Legacy supports education, vocational training, and local economies in East African mining communities while seeking to call others to the task alongside the founders. Their vision is that every gem purchased should leave a legacy in its source community of hope, success, and change.


Roger’s Award Winning Work

 The American Gem Trade Association’s Spectrum Awards are the Oscars of the Gem Industry. Roger has been honored to receive multiple awards, making him a nationally renowned faceter, famed for his precision and gift for bringing out the gem’s best performance.

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