“Every block of stone has a statue inside of it, and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Michelangelo’s precept has long served as one of Roger’s guiding principles. When we return from Africa with the rough, the cutting process begins with a period of focused study and contemplation. Each stone contains within it the potential for greatness.

Roger spends the time required discerning the best way to reveal the full brilliance and beauty of the gem, drawing on his knowledge of modern optics, stone cutting techniques, and the inherent qualities of the stone. Sometimes this part of the process takes days; sometimes it takes months. But Roger doesn’t act until he is fully confident he knows the best way to cut that specific gemstone.


Roger is a precision flat faceter. Each cut made on a stone has a specific purpose: to maximize the amount of light that travels through the stone. Carefully calculated angles increase the amount of sparkle. Perfectly flat facets reveal the stone’s natural beauty as well as the artistry of the cut.

Every facet Roger executes must be precisely completed. Gemstones are an unforgiving medium: you can’t erase a mistake and start over. Even the smallest variation shows. The cutting parameters Roger works within are extremely tight. He must be accurate to a fraction of a millimeter – roughly the thickness of a human hair. That type of precision is possible only because of Roger’s dedication and experience: at this point in his career, he’s cut more than 14,000 gems!




The journey that begins when the rough stone is pulled from the ground completes when the gem is set in a distinctive piece of jewelry the owner loves wearing. Roger selects the very best gemstone rough available and lets the inherent qualities of the gem dictate its design.  The result is boldly beautiful and eminently wearable: the pinnacle of the gem cutter’s art.


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