Master of the Asscher

I love sharing the story behind my favorite faceting designs and the Asscher may be my favorite of them all. You may be familiar with the famous Asscher design from the diamond world. Asscher is the diamond cut originally designed in 1902 by Joseph Asscher, a known artisan in the diamond industry who would go on to launch a renowned diamond dynasty still thriving today. It was the first signature diamond cut to be patented. You can see the design themes of the Art Deco style in the straight lines and symmetry, giving a classic, elegant, and traditional look.
I’ve been faceting gemstones in the Asscher style since 2003 and I still take inspiration from Mr. Asscher and translate it into a composition that will display the true beauty of the gemstone I’m faceting. I have to adapt the design for each species of colored gemstones since each has its own unique mineral characteristics.
I’ve definitely been in an “Asscher Mood” lately…here’s a few of my new Asscher babies.