Mango Mania

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One of our favorite parts of traveling to the source of colored gemstones is experiencing the local culture, traditions, and foods. We often get to travel far beyond the tourist adventures and discover what makes the country and people unique, special, and unforgettable.

This trip through Sri Lanka felt like one mango after another…Mango Mania! We discovered FIVE different varieties of mangoes…all with different flavors, colors, and textures! The world of mangoes reminded us that the Isle of Sapphires is truly a tropical paradise, overflowing with vegetation and dripping in the juices of a cornucopia of fruits!

Roger and Ginger getting the last bits of juice off the mango peels!


Mangoes have always been Roger’s favorite fruit. Since our time in Sri Lanka was filled with buying Sapphires and eating mangoes, the trip could not have been better…it may even be our favorite trip of the 8 we’ve made to Sri Lanka! We learned to recognize the slight distinctions that differentiate the varieties from each other: skin thickness, skin color, fruit color, shape, pit size, fruit texture, and fruit taste (ranges from sugary sweet to tangy and pungent).

Sri Lankans are very proud of their country’s wealth of gemstones, textiles, tea…and fruit! We loved having a few days of Mango Tastings! 🙂 Watch the Gem Collection online to see the new additions from our time in Sri Lanka!


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