A Case for Awesome Aqua

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Aquamarine conjures up all sorts of pictures…shimmering blue lakes, fluorescent chlorine colored swimming pools, vividly glowing aquariums. If we look, Aquamarine is quite an awe-inspiring mineral with unique characteristics that give it a worthy reputation! Why? Here’s 3 reasons…

1. Aqua’s Crystal Structure

Aquamarine has a very distinctive crystal structure with its long hexagonal shape. When we’re in Africa sorting through mixed bags of rough minerals, Aquamarine can be spotted from 5 feet away!

2. Aqua’s Color

“Aquamarine” is Latin for “sea water,” aptly named for its characteristic color. However, Aqua, like sea water, can appear more blue or more green, depending on the mood of the element Iron which colors it! The most desirable color for Aquamarine is a medium toned pastel blue with just a hint of green. Usually, Aquamarines’s color will grow more intense in larger gems. 


3. Aqua’s Folklore

Aquamarine is the subject of many myths and legends, promising insight and foresight to the gem’s wearers. It has long been famed for its healing powers over a wide variety of illnesses…if one simply touches Aquamarine to water before drinking. To add to Aqua’s awesomeness, it is reputed to make its wearer unconquerable, amiable, and intellectual!


Why Roger Loves Aqua

“From a faceting perspective, Aquamarine is unique in that it likes to be faceted. It takes a great polish really quickly, almost like it can’t wait to shine! Add to that is its fabulous water-like transparency and crystal-like clarity, and we know why Aqua has been cherished for centuries. Many gems are loved most highly by those who claim it as their birthstone, but Aquamarine seems to have a broad and devoted following from those born in every month of the year!”
– Roger

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