A Few of My Favorite Spring Gems

Gem Journal, Latest Work

Roger was busy at the faceting wheel late last year and after our Sri Lankan trip in January. I (Ginger!) have highlighted some of Roger’s latest creations!

Yellow and Pink Sapphire

Larger Yellows include a stunning 6.08ct round and a 9.32ct Radiant Emerald Cut. How about a dreamy 2.56ct Hot Pink Sapphire Cushion?


Roger faceted rough he’s had for a while since the Tanzanian ban wouldn’t allow the export of rough. A few selections include an 8.04ct Spruce Green Barion Hexagon and a 6.67ct Pink Tourmaline Oval.

Blue Sapphire

Everyone LOVES 💙 Blue Sapphire! We have 13 Blues over 3 ct. My favorite is a 3.72ct Velvety Blue Square Cushion.

Others special gems to mention

I think I’m in a blue gems mood  💙🙂💍