There are about 175 professional gem cutters working in the United States right now. Of those, between 30 and 35 have made rare, periodic excursions out of the country to source the rough stones they work with. Most meet with gem brokers at industry trade shows.

Roger Dery takes a more hands-on approach, putting his relationship with the miners as the utmost priority. To date, he’s made 30 trips to Africa, 6 to Sri Lanka, 3 to Thailand and 2 to South America. This willingness to go directly to the source eliminates the need to deal with multiple middle-men, streamlining the process to securing truly spectacular gems.

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Sourcing Gemstones from Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Madagascar, Sri Lanka & More

The mines are dark, hot, and potentially dangerous. The miners work long hours using the most primitive of tools. It’s not unusual for a crew to work for years without finding any significant gems. With only the presence of indicator minerals to guide them, the miners delve deeper and deeper into the earth in search of beauty.

Spending time with the miners, in the communities where they live with their families, is extremely important to us. Prolonged periods of political upheaval and conflict have had a devastating impact on regional economies. Directly sourcing gemstones where they’re produced helps build the local economy and enables parents to send their children to school.

Many of the people we’ve met have become our dear friends. Working with them isn’t abstract altruism: it’s our way to honor their wisdom, knowledge and dedication. Every time we’re able to spend time with them we come away strengthened in our resolve that individually sourcing rough gemstones for our clientele is the absolute right way to do business.

Exceptional Gem Rough is Chosen for Intrinsic Potential

East Africa is rich with beautiful gem rough. Roger meets with the mine’s designated representatives to purchase gem rough. Tanzania is home to the Garnet family, Spinel, Tourmaline, and of course its namesake, Tanzanite. Kenya boasts select varieties of Garnet and Tourmaline, such as Tsavorite Garnet found near Tsavo Park, and Chrome Tourmaline found in Southern Kenya, among many other species. Roger meets with the mine’s designated representatives to purchase gem rough. With over 35 years in the industry, Roger has an expert’s understanding of each mineral’s unique qualities. This means he can choose the pieces of rough with the greatest potential. These are purchased, documented, and imported into the United States legally.

Custom Cuts Create the World’s Most Breathtaking Gems

The majority of the world’s modern gem cutters work from published diagrams, using standardized plans to fashion serviceable gems from the rough they’re provided. Roger believes the stones deserve better. His exhaustive knowledge of current and historic gem cuts allows him to customize his approach to every individual piece of rough, maximizing the gem’s natural appeal and potential. This one of a kind approach is unique in the world. As a custom gem cutter Roger Dery shepherds stones from fresh-mined rough to polished shiny gems.

Gems Find Their Forever Home

Roger works exclusively with retailers to assist their customers in appreciating colored gemstones in an entirely new way. Gemstone Roundtables appeal most to those with curious minds and a strong love for beauty, as well as anyone who appreciates adventure and learning more about the people they’re sharing a planet with.

Over the course of on an evening, you have the opportunity to see over a hundred colorful gemstones – including many unusual species you may have never encountered before. Roger and Ginger will be happy to answer any questions about the gems, including where they came from and what makes that individual stone special. Each gem is one-of-a-kind! There’s never any pressure to buy at a Roundtable; the focus is on appreciating the Earth’s unique treasures – dazzling gemstones and the company gathered around them.


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