The Rachel Collection

I am thrilled to announce a new faceter adding to our gem collection! My daughter, Rachel, faceted her first gem sitting on my lap when she was 7 years old. When she was 15, her story was published here. She has spent much of her time faceting since joining our business one year ago and you can now see who faceted each gemstoneon our website. I’ll let her introduce her collection…

Hi! I’m Rachel! Gems have always played a big role in my life (discussing the scientific properties of gemstones was often a discussion over dinner as a child!). I have loved being back at the faceting machine – a place I adored as a child. When faceting, I find a “rightness” that lets everything else in life fade away. I love how it combines both art and science, engaging both sides of the brain at once!

In my time away from gems, I fell in love with storytelling and returned to gems to combine my two passions: faceting and sharing the stories of the people behind the gems. I have traveled to Africa 6 times and each trip reminds me why gems are vital to East African families: it gives them confidence, hope, and promise for the future. I hope that, within my designs, you can glimpse the faces of those whose lives have been inexplicably and eternally changed because of their interaction with that piece of creation.


Next place I want a passport stamp from:
Greece (who doesn’t?)

If I could be a gemstone, I would be:
Spinel (the underappreciated underdog, but always taking the world by surprise)
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Favorite design to facet:
Octagon (I like symmetry and angles!)

First gemstone faceted:
Round Brilliant White Quartz, age 7

Favorite food:
Bread (Sourdough, Croissant, Foccacia, Baguette, Naan, Brioche, Pita, Bagel, Chapati, Tortilla, Scone (You get the idea…doesn’t matter what country it’s from as long as it’s bread!)

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