Stunning Specimens

When we hear the word “specimen,” we think of blood tests, scientific testing, and archeological findings. The world of Gemstone Specimens, however, is far more intriguing, stunningly gorgeous, and as wide as it is deep.

Before gem faceting became an art, gemstones were appreciated in their natural form, what we gem nerds call their “crystal structure.” This is one of my daughter Rachel’s favorite things to talk about so I’ll let her share with you our newest collection, curated by Rachel herself.


Hi! It’s Rachel. I love talking about the anatomy of gemstones and their external appearance apart from any human changes. Most gems are enhanced by faceting, the reason why the art of gem faceting exists! Their skin may be too abraded to see the color clearly and their shape may not effectively show off the gem’s natural sparkle. Faceting sets off their best characteristics and seeks to put on display as much intrinsic beauty as possible. But there’s a few things we can appreciate in specimens…sometimes, gemstones in their natural state have a rustic, unadulterated, pure beauty that seems like a sin to touch.