Malawi: The Warm Heart of Africa

This week we are leaving for our third visit to Malawi, known as the Warm Heart of Africa. Our first two trips completely endeared us to the kind-hearted and compassionate people of Malawi. This visit is fully funded by the proceeds from Gemstone Purchases and it has only one purpose: EDUCATION.


The Gemstone Associate of Malawi has been seeking us out for many years to help them establish their gemstone industry and inspire education in gemology and mining. We are excited to be holding three days of seminars designed to teach the local miners how to identify gems with their eyes, hands, mind, and rudimentary tools.

We have reports of over 100 miners traveling from all over the country. Our hearts have been so impressed by their desire to improve themselves with any education available. We thank you for your support and for making this campaign possible.

The remainder of our trip will be dedicated to visiting mines, purchasing rough gems, and sharing knowledge with those who are not able to travel to Lilongwe, the capital of Malawi. We hope you will follow along on Instagram!