When Inspiration Strikes Like Lightning

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“Sometimes, the best part of a piece of jewelry isn’t how it looks,
but the story and meaning behind its creation.”
– MJSA Journal, August 2018 Issue



We are honored to be a part of one award-winning Peridot ring’s remarkable story, which touches us both personally and professionally. The ring, featuring a 9.53ct Peridot Oval faceted by Roger, won the highly coveted Winning Design Award in the Custom Design Distinction category of MJSA’s (Manufacturing Jewelers & Suppliers of America) annual Vision Awards.



The story began when Pat Johnson, our dear friend Janel Russell’s mother, adopted the Pakistani gem from Roger’s collection. Janel, the brainchild behind the now legendary Mother and Child jewelry, passed away in May of 2017. Janel and her mother commissioned their friend Andrew Bugher of Andrew Bugher Design in St. Paul, Minnesota to build a “statement piece, something that made an impact” around the 9.53ct Peridot Oval.

Following Janel’s passing, the ring remained unfinished until Pat and Andrew decided to complete it as a tribute to Janel. I am so glad they finished it. It is truly a sight to behold and I am in awe of how the Peridot comes alive in the frame Andrew designed.

Congratulations, Andrew and Pat…and cheers to Janel!



Read about the ring’s remarkable journey!

“Every creative type knows how elusive inspiration can be. Sometimes it arrives out of the blue, striking like lightning. Other times it takes its time, only emerging when it sees fit. But when inspiration does arrive, it’s best to stand back and let it work its magic.”
– MJSA Journal, August 2018 Issue