Got Any New Year’s Resolutions?

Gem Culture, Gem Journal

We know it’s not quite the New Year, but we’re excited that Pantone has named Ultra Violet as 2018’s Color of the Year. Imagine a cosmic sky with every shade of violet.


The Pantone Color Institute has been choosing the Color of the Year based on trend forecasts since 2000. A spokesperson shared that Ultra Violet is “an enigmatic purple shade that evokes the inventive spirit and imaginative thinking that challenges the status quo. It’s a spiritual, cosmic hue [that] pushes the boundaries of what inspires us to look upward and outward to the future.”


Inventive, imaginative, and inspiring… resolutions to strive for in 2018! 


What better way to keep those New Year’s Resolutions than wearing a piece of jewelry with an Ultra Violet gem to remind us to push the boundaries?


Ultra Violet in gemstones range from hues that make us think of royalty with deeply pungent shades to the soft hues of spring that evoke aspirations of growth and new seasons. To us, Ultra Violet is all the shades of Amethyst from soft and serene to rich and regal.


Other Ultra Violet gem choices are Purple Spinel, Purple Scapolite, and Purple Sapphire.


2018 will be an Ultra Violet year: inventive and imaginative!