Gem Events

Roger and Ginger’s Gem Events are truly a memorable moment in life and bring the joy of discovery directly to you.
Each event features an ever changing variety of exquisitely cut gems, presented by Roger and Ginger complete with the details of the incredible journey the gems have been on. The color and variety of gems presented far surpasses what is found in the retail setting on a day-to-day basis: many gems are truly one of a kind.

If you’re searching for a special gem to feature in a piece of custom jewelry, or want a spectacular gem to add to your collection, you’ll love the Gemstone Roundtable experience. Gemstone Roundtables are also great events for people who have curious minds and a love of beauty, as well as those who enjoy spending a fun evening getting to know and converse with like minded people.

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What’s It Like To Attend A Gem Event?

Exciting! You never know what you’re going to find!
Lovely events…the jewelers invite only a select clientele, it’s a singular social experience.

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