Colorless Gems with a Colorful Story

Gem Culture, Gem Journal

April may boast Diamond as its birthstone, but there are plenty of other captivating colorless gems to celebrate in April. Let’s explore a few!


Extra credit if you know what mineral family Goshenite belongs to! It’s Beryl! Goshenite is the purest form of Beryl since it does not have the coloring agents and impurities that give gemstones color. Goshenite is the cousin of Aquamarine, Emerald, and Morganite and is unique because it was first found in the USA! It is named after its original source: Goshen in Hampshire county, Massachusetts. Goshenite is renowned as a gem of purity, clarity, and truth, legendary for its power to bring balance into one’s life since it is transparent and nothing can hide inside!

2.43ct Mexican Danburite Oval


Another gem the USA has to boast! Danburite was first found in Danbury, Connecticut in 1839. Today, Danburite is found in Mexico, Russia, Burma, Madagascar, and Bolivia. Danburite is famous for being a strong gem with excellent clarity and high dispersion, the flashes of spectral colors when a gem moves in light. Danburite has long been used to channel patience and inner peace. Though rare, Danburite can also occur in pink or yellow.

8.17 Tanzanian White Zircon Oval


When thinking about Zircon, we imagine lots of interesting colors! However, if Zircon grew in an environment that did not have any impurities to color it, it forms colorless or white. Gems that can appear in a spectrum of colors, including colorless, are called allochromatic meaning “all colors.” In the Middle Ages, Zircon was famed for its powers to aid sleep, foster prosperity, and encourage wisdom.