Help Celebrate Roger’s 40th Anniversary

We’re celebrating Roger’s 40th anniversary and 40th trip to the African continent with a raffle! Tickets are $40 each! 100% of the ticket value will be donated to Gem Legacy’s Miner Toolkit Initiative.

This 24-inch, curved edge painting by Reena Ahluwalia highlights a 6.27ct Tanzanite Signature Round available for $6,895. The painting’s retail value is $6,000.

Our goal is to sponsor 40 x $125 Miner Toolkits = $5,000 Total!

1st place: 24-inch painting ($6,000 retail value)
2nd & 3rd place: 16-inch museum quality prints of the painting!



Purchase $40 raffle tickets by donating to Gem Legacy

The Story of the Tanzanite

This Tanzanite, available for $6,895, was sourced by Roger in Tanzania in 2019 and faceted in his Signature Round design. Reena’s vision and creativity brought Roger’s precision faceting and connection to every gem alive with her inspired strokes this lifelike, curved edge painting! You can watch the process of the gem painting from start to finish here.

100% of the every raffle ticket through donation to Gem Legacy will be used for $125 Miner Toolkits, an initiative to put tools in the hands of miners to ensure their work is safe and successful.

The Fine Print

100% of proceeds (that’s right, no fees) will be donated to Gem Legacy.

There’s no limit on the number of tickets you can buy!

International entries are welcome, but free shipping is only offered in the continental US!

Raffle ends October 18th at midnight EST.

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on October 19th.

Must be 18 years of age or older to enter.


What’s a Miner Toolkit?

Most East African colored gemstone miners are farmers and use their old, broken farming tools to mine.

We want to put tools in their hands to be safe AND successful!

What’s included?




pick axe

hand drill

blasting tools

head light