Precision Gem Cutter

With decades of experience, Roger is a world-renowned gem cutter. He is an award winning precision flat faceter who draws on a comprehensive knowledge of traditional gem cutting techniques, modern optics, and the inherent physical properties of each gem to create true works of art. A Roger Dery gemstone is instantly recognizable because of its distinctive spectrum of brilliantly reflected light.

Global Traveler

Roger has a unique approach to gem cutting. Rather than rely on what the marketplace offers, Roger travels directly to the mines where rough gemstones are found. He works with the mine owners and workers to secure singularly beautiful colored gems. Roger has made dozens of trips throughout Africa, South America and Southeast Asia.

Beauty That Creates Change

Working directly with the miners puts significantly more of the profits generated by a gemstone directly into the communities where those gems are found. Roger forges relationships with the miners and their families often meeting their needs of food, water, and school supplies. Roger’s special interest is local gem cutter education, and over the decades, he and Ginger have supported many schools and scholarships.

See Roger’s Award Winning Work


See Roger's Award Winning Work